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NOVA mechanics?


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July 17, 2003
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washington, DC
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2002 EB
hey all, first time posting around this joint so take it easy on me :D

my 2002 is due for her 30,000 service. i'm not too fond of any dealers and my current mechanic has been dropping the ball a bit too much lately.

In short, can anyone recommend a good mechanic/service center in the Northern Virginia area (preferably in the falls church/fairfax locale)?

Secondly, I've been trying to find a list of the ford-recommended 30,000 mile actions. Any ideas on where to look for this online?


Good luck man. I've been trying to find a good mechanic around here myself. I'm tired of getting taken to the cleaners by Ted Britt Ford. They are worthless. Brown Lincoln on Lee Highway is supposed to have one of the best service centers on the East coast for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars and trucks. But I'm sure they are still going to rape you on price. Everywhere in NOVA I've had to get work done it's been hugely over-priced. I'm going to look around in Manassas next...

Isn't the 30k service under warrenty though? If so I would just bite the bullet and take it into a dealership.