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November 17-18 Truckhaven Run!

What a weekend:thumbsup: A little on the warm side but tolerable and best of all, no wind. I got a couple pics of Rick's carnage out there...I think we're gonna see a lot of tubes welded on 8.8's on upcoming trips:p:
I had a little carnage myself and this was before I even made it to T-haven. I was wondering what the vibration was coming from the front end of my truck and thought it was the gears turning in the axle. I pull into the travel center a couple miles from T-haven and felt the diff cover. Sure enough it was pretty warm to the touch so I checked the hubs and one of them was blown:mad: Luckily Matt had a spare for me to use...i'll get that back to you Matt as soon as I order new hubs if thats cool.
Anywho, on with the pics...The silver TJ is my buddy Tim in case anybody is wondering.

All of the pics can be found here:

Ricks carnage:


Flex shots:




Misc. shots:



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Had a great time as usual. Just added a few more dents in the left rear door.
We picked up a chair after everyone left that was sitting next to the fire pit. Tan with blue flowers, and real comfortable...I think it might be Colin's. Claim it at Thanksgiving.

Hey Rick, I saw that white Ex you were talking about today. It was heading out being flat towed behind an RV...and it was for sale. Looked like it had some serious suspension from what I could see, coilovers and bybass shocks.

Sound like you guys had a good time:thumbsup: I've been thinking about welding the rear axle, all the jeep guys say to do it, but never worried about it because I never really heard of anyone having a problem.:rolleyes:

I'll be welding mine soon now:D

Oh, thanks to all of you for taking the time to minimize the damage to my Explorer/:thumbsup:
Bill, great idea with the spare tire!
Glad Mat found the parts to fix his rig.

I've got the Explorer back:D

Check out these quality factory welds:


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