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November EF Lottery

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The theme for the EF Lottery in November is "Military". This month submit media or stories related to the military. This can include, but not limited to, media of military vehicles, equipment etc. The OP does not need to be a veteran, the vehicle/equipment can be a display at a VFW, American Legion, local park, etc.

Ending and drawing date is November 24th.

Goal: To encourage members of the Explorer Forum to submit a photo and/or vid, or written story in accordance with the theme and award one member with an one year elite membership.

Only one submission to be entered into the drawing per member. Submission can contain multiple pics and or video(s) and/or links to pics/vids. Members are encouraged to post positive feedback.

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On this day of honoring all who served, my thanks.

Being the owner of a Gen 4 Explorer (2009 EB V8 4x4), this 2008 Explorer from Schriever AFB, CO seems appropriate:



Big step up from the crew cab pickups (we called them 6 Packs) we had when I was at Beale AFB many years ago


Congrats to @Craigerz ! His entry was drawn as the November EF Lottery winner! A big thank you to all who serve and those who have served! :salute:


Congrats, @Craigerz

And your "ambulances" are a lot more cool than the Navy ambulances I drove as a corpsman back in the 70's. :D


Yeah I always wanted to find one of the 997s and turn it into an overland vehicle lol

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