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Now no forward gears


March 20, 2009
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95 ranger 2.3 auto 2wd
Now 1995 ranger 2.3 4r44e has no forward gears after servo replacements. Recently after battling 2-3 fare and delay engagements I had replaced the valve body with a new one including all solenoids after that not working I decided to go a step further and replace o/d and im servo replaced the reverse servo orings with the viton d-rings and new gasket and did filter change.All completed I added 4 quarts fluid ran for 5 minutes cycling thru gears and added 2 more to fill marks . Got truck up to temp put in reverse no problem then into drive nothing 2 nothing first nothing. What could be happening? Also did a bands adjustment and reset (disconnect battery). Still nothing? Anybody have any ideas what be going on? My sons truck is driving me crazy!

Ok I did a line pressure test and what i got was
park 82
reverse 130
d 74
2 74
1 73 seems all are according to atsg manual

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What servos did you use?

230-00023256K 23256K A4LD 4R44E 4R55E 5R55E Transmission reverse servo piston D-ring kit

230-00023952B 23952B C3 A4LD transmission (BB) bonded rubber servo piston

230-00023952D 23952D 4R44E 4R55E Transmission band servo piston (DB) 1994-ON.

230-000023128 23128 C3 A4LD 4R44E 5R55E Transmission reverse servo cover gasket

received yesterday from Transmission Parts US

I just noticed that the transmission range sensor looks like it might be leaking fluid (wet) is this a possiblility .If i were to replace do I have to get the aligning tool or is there another way to place it

anybody have any suggestions where to go from here? or what could be causing the the loss of forward gears?

does anybody have any idea what could now be the cause of no forward after the servo replacement. Is there a wrong way to install? Ive read that the transmision range sensor could be culprit but all we had was delayed engagement pulling into garage now after install no engagment . Bands tightened properly and I have pressure within specs . I just dont know where to look next and hate to drop the tranny when it could be something simple.Reverse goes right in and when I try any forwards it revs it does even want to inch forward. This is driving me nuts ? Any help would be great to get it to move out garage .