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Nozler's '96 XLT V8 w/a lot of mods



Factory Options:
  • Most Important 5.0L V8, rated at 215hp
  • High Series Center Console
  • Overheard Console
  • Auto Dim Mirror and Automatic Headlights
  • So called "Premium" Sound System w/6disc Changer
  • Dual Cloth Captain's Chairs
My Options:
  • Jet Performance Chip
  • K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit
  • Custom Bent Dual Exhaust-HMS
  • Manik 4x4 Front Wrap-around Brushguard-Black
  • Manik 4x4 Round Taillight Guards
  • Vent-Visors
  • 20% Tint on Front Windows
  • Rear Air Deflector
  • Hella 500s (not in these pictures)
Sound System-
  • Kenwood Deck w/10 disc changer where factory 6disc was before
  • 6x8 3-Way Kenwood Co-axial in all 4 doors
  • Dynamat all 4 doors
  • All new wiring; Needed to bypass factory system w/o buying $80 adapter

What you think?

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Sweet man!...very sweet!

lookin good. what kinda muffler you pushin?

Silver Bullet Glass Packs. I never heard of them but for the money I didn't care. $240 for whole job which includes the two 3" chrome slash tips, the two pipes, glass packs, and hangers, etc.

Fun as hell around town or showing off but now that I spend a good deal of time at 75 or over mph on the interstate going between home and college, it gets a little too loud after awhile. Next build I think I will get them to use flowmasters or the like. Can't really see spending the money on Borla.

Manik Guard

Nozler - did you have to do any mods to your front air dam to make the Manik brush guard fit? Looks awesome but I remember reading somewhere about having to notch the dam (maybe just on non-foglight equipped models). Are there pre-drilled holes for aux lights??

Yes, the air dam has to be notched. You just have to cut two slots in the air dam for the two risers to go through. I did it with a utility knife and they are not as clean a cut as I would have liked but live and learn. Measure twice and cut once. Also use something better than a utility knife but my cuts have never been noticed by anyone that I havn't told. The cross member the aux are sitting on* is a very large flat area with holes drilled trough both sides for lights. It comes with plastic plugs that can be used if you don't use the lights. The top hole is small since it is just to fit a bolt through but the bottom one is larger to fit a socket in there to tighten the nut. Pop the bottom cap back on and it gives a pretty secure package.

I went for the multi-piece unit for money purposes but it is very strong and I can't tell a difference between it and a one-piece unit. If you are going to abuse it, I would suggest the black color. I, ahem, hit stuff with it. Bent the bottom crossmember, had it drilled/pulled/straightened and it is black to new. I don't think chrome or stainless would have been that easy to restore but I could be wrong. Another time I was trying to parralell(sp?) park on a narrow one-way street and slightly scrapped the left side corner against a cement wall that blocked the other side. A short blast from a can of black spray-paint and it was back to normal.

*I noticed you can't see them in the picture but there are two rally aux. driving lights sitting on the crossmember right in front of the grille.

Looks Great

Wondering air deflector brand, install issues and does it help?

EGR Dustguard from Performance Products

Install only 5min. Didn't notice a great improvement on dust build-up. It just looks good.

good looking truck, nozler.

Not too shabby!

Are you looking at going a little bigger?


That is the same way i have my exhaust tips coming out. I have the flowmaster 50 series SUV muffler and it sounds like a mustang. I will be making a recording of it and taking some pics soon. That sucks that you didnt notice any difference in dust build up on the rear window. That is one thing that annoys the hell out of me.

very nice man.......i like.

Nozler, you can get a borla dual tip intercooled cat back for only 330 or so from, if you go with another exhaust, i'd go with that one. its definately best in class

I have been looking for a low cost option. I have decided to get a dual inlet/single outlet Flowmaster 50 SUV muffler and new pipes bent and a borla intercooled angle tip.

You should get the dual in/dual out flow master 50 series SUV muffler. Thats what I have and I love it. Hell, you already have the dual pipes run. Just have the shop cut them off the existing mufflers and weld them onto the new muffler. Any good shop can do that. How many explorers in your area have dual exhaust? You are probably the only one, right. I like having something unique.