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NSSJ2's 4406 swap

the transfer case swap commences today!! Lets see how long it takes. any helpful hints?? Im pretty excited for this, something ford should have done off the line. Ill have pics as i go.

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ARGHH im so close i can smell it. but i cant get the damn #@#@%%$ ing console out. it should be the two bolts aimed toward the dash, the 2 verticle identicle ones, and the harness. but mine wont budge. it does have the rear audio system... but i dont think that matters.... HELPPPP

With the four bolts out, the console slides backwards to remove it. Good luck,

gave it hell, and it seems like something is hanging up in front, and something in back. it only slides back 1/2 inch tops. i cant see anything else that it would bolt to.... how does it attach to the truck once those bolts are removed?

this is insane. i beat the heck out of that thing with a 3 lb sludge, to no avail. when i hit it, it appears that the bottom haft of the wiring harness is whats hanging up. the whole console moves like 2-3" when i hit it, so something is going on. tried pulling up too, but its hard to smash something and pull up on it at the same time. any ideas...?

Just to be sure-
you loosened 4 bolts and disconnected the harness, correct?

CD changer harness maybe?

can you get the rear of it to move up at all?

holy bejesus :eek: i got it but wow, i never woulda imagined having to yank that freakin hard. well, should be going in a couple hours! thanks for the help fellas!

so after i got lazy and it got cold, and interrupted a lot, i figured to give it a rest for the day. everything is uninstalled, and those tranny bolts suck to get at. you people with body lifts dont realize how much eaiser it is. tomorrow is re-assembly. and i doubt anyone will see this, but if theres anyone in souther colorado, yall are welcome by.

out with the old

waiting for the new

gutted interior

gutted underbelly

where are you doing this at jim? I would be down to give a hand if you were up here...

Good Luck, Hope it all get back together soon...

starting probably 10ish. hopefully be done by afternoon. nick im down in monument, a bit of a commute. but ima try to get some weekend four wheeling going on rmftc, might be a stretch with easter weekend....

just waiting on a friend to get this thing in. so, ive been reading, and do i really have to drop my tank to get this thing in?? jt i saw you had to, but is there a short cut?

yeah i had a set of 18" channel locks to bend it back after remembering that thread a while back. hope its enough. so think that tc will slide on the output shaft without dropping the tank? thats my concern.

Nope, I ended up loosening the tank too. I thought i could get around it but to no avail. You can bend the bracket like it did with vice grips and a pipe to save some time with that but You still need to drop the tank. IIRC once you have bent the bracket, you can get away with just taking out the 4 bolts on the frame in the front, loosening the strap bolt and removing the back bracket. Letting it hang by the loosened strap. Put a jack under it for safety though.

just drop the tank, its not that difficult and it will make fitting your T case ALOT easier.
The tank iteself will need some modifications, I removed the plastic protector completely and used a BFH to "dent" teh side of the tank so it would clear the driveshaft slip yoke assembly/cv joint. You need 1/2" clearance at least.

modifying the front gas tank bracket is a PITA, I used a 10# sledge and a concrete curb to persuade mine to clear the t case, after I ground it down a bit.

The t case is HUGE under there, but it will fit nicely if you give it enough clearance.

A new transmission mount is a good idea right now too, the 4406 will eat up your old worn out one. I plan to build a custom one with some sort of urethane bushing / mount

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I ground the edge off mine, used a large bench vice and a mini sledge to bend mine around. It's a chore to get it to fit, it took me 2-3 test fits before I got it just right. Make sure it clears your case completely, if it rubs, it could wear through the case with time and that's bad.