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Nut size

Tate Myrick

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September 13, 1999
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I just wanted to ask if anyone knew the exact size of the nut on the starter wire retaining bracket. I was also wondering if it is the same size as the nut that holds the battery cable to the starter. I put a half inch over it and it seems to fit. I put a half inch socket on it and it started to round the nut. I think this occurred, because the socket was regular and not a deep and the stud prevented a good grip. If anyone knows the right size please let me know before I totally round it and create an even bigger problem.

Tate, Not sure of your year but mine is a 96 and all the nuts and bolts I have encountered are metric. This might be the problem.

Bill Kemp 96 XLT 4x4 4. OHV

try 10mm Metric

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