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NW Explorers Fall gathering/wheel/eat/BS

Roughly $600 plus tax for a full interior cage

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lol hey kevin you should buy a bender and then i can come steal if from you when i build my buggie lol hahaha j/k wait i know people closer who have a hydro one haha never mind u should do a doubler tho i love it

OK, Mountain Loop Byway - dun

Next 11-15-08

More of the L.T. Murray
November 15, 2008

We haven’t seen all of the L.T. Murray Wildlife Recreation Area yet. This time we will pick up where we left off on our last trek, at the north end of the preserve. There are several unimproved roads we have not driven, some narrow and brushy and all requiring the high ground clearance of SUV’s or 4x4 pickups.

Depending upon weather conditions we will enter either through the Wenatchee National Forest near Skull Springs or from the Thorp Prairie to the east. I doubt there will be much snow, but in case there is we will go as far as our vehicles will allow and treat the trip as a snow run. A little white stuff isn’t going to stop us! Bring your kids, sleds (just in case), plenty of bottled water and a tailgate lunch.

Meet at the Sunset Café (509-674-2241)‎, 318 E 1st in Cle Elum, Washington. Come early for breakfast and plan to leave at 9:30 AM. Look for our vehicles with Backroad Drivers Northwest window stickers and we will monitor channel 22 on the CB radio.


Diff Whack Daddy, i know a guy down by us that does good work. he charges 400 for a 4 point and 600 for a 6 point

So an 8 point looks to run about $800?

most likely.

but for that price. why not get an exo.

hey kevin build it yourself save bundles let me know if you order tube cause i might need some lol

can i ride along i am in the tacoma area now and my x is still in michigan

Zhanx, It seems interest has died.

My wife's birthday is this weekend, I'm on call next weekend then we have Thanksgiving, so I'm pretty booked for a while.

Kevin, Paul, Joe, Ryan, Little Ryan and Hot Rod Ryan, Speak up!!!i

well heck if that keeps up i will have my x here by the time the next run is a go

I am just waiting for all you guys to figurs out were we are going, I am not street legal right now so It would have to be some place i cantrailer to then run the trails

i secong jr its got to be trailer friendly lol i'm down right now i'm waiting for my blingin cromo axleshafts and some heims for the radius arms so untill then i'm back to trussing my 9" housing i am thinking 3 weeks out for me at least

wait who is hot rod ryan lol there is another ryan

dam $800 for a cage thats enought for my tube buggie i wanna build o wait that just tubing lol crap

I think he was refering to Katie's Ryan. Trailering in is deffinately a must. I have no doors and judging by the collection of dust in certain areas, I would be drenched. I haven't lost interest, just have a lot of crap going on right now.

Forgot one

Big Ryan (Arsoul)
Little Ryan (85bronco2man)
Hot Rod Ryan (spdrcer34)
Mullet Ryan (Katies Ryan) the one I forgot.

Anyone heard from Paul? Maybe he fell into one of the moving boxes, OR he's having too much fun in that ginormous Man Cave Garage of his.:rolleyes:

I haven't heard from him, but I know he's got some rims for me and I also know where he works :)

It's nice that you have little nick names for all the Ryan's....I remember @ Tahuya, there were 3 or 4 of us...

If it's not too far of a drive I can be there, I just need 2-3 weeks advance notice....

I'm not much of a camper though...the wife is.....just not ME!...LOL

She one of the Managers in the Hunting Department @ Sportsman's Warehouse...and I dont' hunt...

We're a GREAT couple!...

P.S....I just picked up a 1967 Mustang Coupe to build for my Daughter that just turned 12...


oh man thatll be fun.

i love the older mustangs.

just picked up my second fox last weeken.

JR, is the cage your getting a 6 point?

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oh man thatll be fun.

JR, is the cage your getting a 6 point?

It will be a full cage front to back, But I am still waiting on some room to open up in TecTim's shop for me to get in:(

So I have thinking about getting one of these instead


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