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O/D Flashing Light- ??????????


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November 12, 2008
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Lynnwood, Washington
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1997 Ford Explore XLT
Hello everyone- I really like this site by the way- OK Here is my deal with my 1997 Ford Explorer V6 4.0 Liter Eddie Bauer- I got a flashing O/D light one day driving home. Car still shifted great until i get to a stop then 20mph to 0mph i would get a hard down shift. So i get home park in the garage and the next day the light is still on but after i drive to the Ford dealership for a mile the LIGHT turns off and car shifts terrific as if it was never on- I paid 180.00 for a code read and it was a P0741 Over heating Torque Converter or slippage- I have no slippage, the vehicle drives and shifts smooth. I check the fluid- nice and red- NO BURNT SMELL, fluid is at right level. Now i tell the Ford Mechanic lets replace the TCC Torque Converter- BUT he recomends doing a tranny swap for a new one- OF COURSE HE DOES- $3,200.00- BUT i cant see it- My explorere shifts fine, drives fine. Fluid looks good- before he got the code i went in a week earlier when there was not flash just to have them look at it before the flash came on and he said there is nothing wrong with your tranny, i drove it, feels fine, (no flashing O/D light at this time) i said ok and left. Thats when i came back a week later and told him it came on but went off, this is when he was able to pull the code. PLEASE help, should i replace the TCC or Electronic Pressure regulator solenoid, OR??????? Thank you everyone for HELP- AGIAN just dont see a reason to put in a new tranny

man go to a parts store that does free code checks

Yeah i know that now- BUT that is the code i got, now do i replace the torque converter, Solenoid, or??????