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O/D light flashes on and off...PLEASES HELP


August 8, 2004
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el cajon, ca.
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1999 explorer sport
I have a 99 explorer sport 4.0 ohv...
I had a new tranny put in at about 68000 miles. i now have 102000 miles and all of a sudden the o/d light will flash on and off...i was told it might be the sensor could have gotten muddy or wet and it would give it a false reading, and i cleaned it or replaced it everything will be cool...then i was told its the tranny telling me to change the fluid.....What is it....im clueless... thanks

I don't have much tranny knowledge, but here's my 2 cents anyways.

I would definately change your fluid. And to add to that a little, you might as well drop the pan and change the internal filter while you are at it. I believe that the speed sensor for the tranny is actually internal, but hopefully Glacier will chime in soon with more info.

I do have a question that others may find useful though.

You mention the o/d light flashing, but have you experienced in symptoms of a problem from the trans.
Particulaly is it still shifting into overdrive?

thanks for the quik responce. it shifts in and out of overdirve just but i did notice that when in overdrive the rpms are a litthigher(bout 100-200)