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O/D light flashing and service engine light on


April 27, 2013
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New Rochelle NY
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2014 Explorer Limited V6
On Sunday my O/D light started flashing while i was driving my kids home. Yesterday morning got in my car and it didn't start flashing again until the car warmed up. After about 10 mins of driving the service engine light came on as well. I'm guessing the O/D band inside the tranny is busted. Is it still safe to drive for now? I have no funds to fix it right now and i need it to get around. I have a 2003 Explorer XLT 4WD V6 (flex fuel optional)

it's a bad sign, no matter what you'll end up fixing the transmission. If diagnosed early it might be just a simple band adjustment, solenoid/valve fix which is better (cheap) than a complete rebuild.

This happened to me last month - I don't know all the technical terms, but what I know was:
-Similar symptoms as you (O/D Light flashing, Console said "Check Transmission")
-Only happened after driving for few minutes, turning off the car reset it
-I had lost 2nd/5th gear (bands busted)
-Close to losing Reverse
-In my instance, solenoid was fine

I took it to a local transmission shop and they re-built my transmission - total cost was $2450 Canadian + tax.