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O/D Light Flashing - PCM reset ?


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January 6, 2016
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1999 Ford Explorer v8 5.0

I have since yesterday the O/D Light Flashing ...
Do i have to make a PCM reset to solve it ? How to do it please ?

Thanks for answer,

Have a nice day !


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Auguste, you need to get hooked up to a good scan tool to have the codes read. Flashing TCIL (transmission control indicator lamp) means a serious problem with the transmission.

This will happen if your valvebody gasket ia blown on the 5r55e transmissions. You must have a 4.0l?

Let me ask a stupid question.

Are you sure the switch hasn’t been pushed?

My 5r did that if it's broken it will flash the od light again
In my case a pcm reset worked I called the transmission shop I use and trust the old man said once and a while if you let off the gas during a shift this happens remember it's a twenty year old computer
This was a few years ago sense then I rebuilt it to make it a ill stronger for my mods

It won't hurt to try

Flashing OD light means the transmission is running in Limp mode. This means there is a significant problem and the trans is working just to get you to the nearest repair shop. While the light is flashing your trans will likely be running at full line pressure = harsh shifts.
Flashing OD light also means there is a transmission trouble code in the vehicles memory. You need to have the computer scanned to retrieve the code(s). The codes can be manufacture specific codes, not all scanners can access this information.
You NEED to get the code
This will tell you all about why the transmission has entered limp mode and where to look to fix it
Write down the actual CODE do not take the parts store persons word for it.

I have a V8 5L3
What does mean "Are you sure the switch hasn’t been pushed?" ?

The title says so yes

To Donalds : so, how could i reset PCM please ?

This will happen if your valvebody gasket ia blown on the 5r55e transmissions. You must have a 4.0l?
The O/P's profile says that his vehicle has the 5.0L engine, which means 4R70W transmission.