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O/D LIght Flashing


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August 30, 2004
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2000 XLT
Happy Holidays everyone. On my way home from work this afternoon,I felt a surge in speed, even tho I had the accelerator in roughly the same position. I also felt a bit of a "clunk" in the tranny. Then I noticed the O/D OFF light was flashing, instead of a steady glow. Numerous pushes on the O/D button failed to resolve the issue. I called a Ford dealer and they said it could be a computer code reset issue that is related to the rev limiter. I have an appointment for tomorrow, but, was wondering if anyone else here has experienced this and how was it resolved. It's a 2000 Explorer XLT with a 5.0. 86,000 miles. Thanks

Well I just went through this problem after putting in a few transmission. Turns out it was the valve body. But another person who bought a tranny from the same shop had the same problem and it turned out to be the torque converter. SO I guess it could be many many things. Since you've already made an appt with the dealer, bring it in and have them read the code off of the computer. The code that me and the other guy that I mentioned was recieving was P0741 which translates to the torque converter clutch slipping. Below is the link to the thread:


Thanks IZwack, Believe it or not, after I posted this, the Explorer had sat for 90 minutes. I went out, started it, noticed the idle was higher than normal and the light was still flashing. After driving a few blocks the light went off and I could feel a change in the way it drove. Back to normal so to speak. Since I have the appointment and am leaving on a 2000 mile round trip Thursday, I'll be at the dealers shop tomorrow to have this checked out. Thanks too, for the link to that thread. Have a good one. p.s., i'll post the outcome of this over the weekend.