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September 15, 2010
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1999 XLT V6 SOHC Explorer
Hi, just joined forum, have a question about my 1999 explorer (V6 SOHC) involving the O/D light blinking, I've looked all over the forums to see if I could find a solution but couldnt find one. Basically my situation is that my truck drives fine, starts up good, aside from the rattle (guessing timing chain, not loud and goes away after driving), everythings fine, feel a kick/jump when reaching 30 mph, at the same time the rpm's kick up then go back down, dunno if thats a problem or if its normal (first ford), problem occurs whenever I frequently brake at stops and drive off, after a while the O/D light would randomly come on and switch the truck to safe mode (or limp mode), have no problems shifting or braking, just accelerating, seems to lag. The problem goes away if I turn the truck off then on, then the o/d light wont come on again till ive left it off for a long while or the next day. This problem occurs randomly, and while driving, never on startup or in park, not sure if the problem is simple to fix or if its serious, any help is appreciated.

PS: Tried pulling the codes at auto zone, but nothing, was told that in order for them to pull codes they needed the truck off, except when I turned it off the o/d light went away and no codes pulled up, was thinking about buying a scanner, but after autozone im not sure, is there a scanner that can pull codes with truck left on?

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when i scan my troublecodes my scanner wants the rig off when i plug in and turn on but my key turned to run in order for it to fully scan. I remember a friend told me what it might be on your od light flashing however i am going to have to call him and ask him again because i had the same issue once but it went away. It was something to do with a pump.....give me a day or so.

ok, appreciate it. yea im hoping its something simple, and not serious.

Even though you turned it off and the OD light stopped flashing this resets the PCM and takes the PCM and trans out of LIMP mode, but the problem code is still stored in the computer, not all code readers can read transmission codes. Get the code read with the proper code reader. A flashing OD light that keeps coming back is a trans problem detected by the PCM.

yea my problem is that I dont think I can pull the codes with a reader/scanner because I have to have the truck off to use it. When I turn it back on after turning it off the light doesnt come on, and the reader/scanner doesnt pull any code, saying no codes found, which is what happened at autozone. Im thinking of buying a code reader but im not sure which to get, specially for this problem. Also need one that can pull codes while trucks on with the light blinking. Any suggestions?