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O.D. light

Barn Owl

November 11, 2008
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San Diego California
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"99 XLT
I have tried to look through the archives to see if this was covered before but there was 83 pages that found my key word search, so I am hoping that someone can point me to a thread or just answer my question.
I have a '99 xlt 4.0 and I was told by an old transmission guy to "never drive around town in overdrive it will suck the life out of your tranny". I know that there is alot of debate over this isue and I don't know if is exactly true or not but I am turning 180,000 on my tranny any zero problems so far, and I have never driven in overdrive under 50 mph. My problem is that now my O.D. light has gone out and I need to replace it. Having never taken the dash out, I am wondering if I need to completely take out the instrument cluster or is there an easier way to change the light? Also does the cluster come out easy or is it an all day job?

Really nobody knows?