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O/D off light flashing


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February 20, 2007
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'97 XLT
I just bought a 1997 Explorer XLT a week ago, and after driving it for a few miles, the O/D off light started to flash. No big deal to me, as I pushed the button on the end of the shifter and I could tell from the change in tach that the O/D was unengaged. Pressing it again caused another change in the tach, so I was able to confirm that the O/D was unengaging/re-engaging as it should. After a brief period of time, the light stopped flashing. After a few days, I have noticed that the light flashes for a brief amount of time, goes out, then starts to flash again later. Yesterday I had it in 4 wheel drive after we got a bit of snow. The light didn't come on for a longer period of time, but did eventually come back on. Is there possibly a short in the wiring? Someone mentioned it could be due to the moisture outside that could be causing this. Otherwise, it runs great. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

It is telling you that there is a transmission code stored. To stop it, it needs to be checked with a special code reader from the dealership or a trans shop.

Does the light have to be flashing to pull the code?

yes, i do believe so