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o/d speed sensor wiring removal?

rich uk

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September 17, 2007
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1998 sohc 150k Purple LPG
any thoughts.....
Is this just for european explorers just wondered why I hadnt seen it on the site seems a logical place to start with flashing o/d problem ?
I shall be checking it is done on mine...

Model: Explorer '97

Markets: United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden

Subject: Discontinuation of the overdrive speed sensor (ODS sensor) on the 5R55E automatic transmission

The connection for the overdrive speed sensor (ODS sensor) has been discontinued in production of the 5R55E automatic transmission. The open circuit in the unconnected multiplug can cause a fault signal in the powertrain control module and generate a fault code.

To avoid this concern, when the transmission is renewed or the transmission housing cover is exchanged, cut the unconnected multiplug at the transmission housing and join the cable ends using a crimped/soldered connector. New transmission housings installed in production no longer have a drilling for the ODS sensor.

Also, during service work on the 5R55E automatic transmission, the ODS sensor multiplug should be disconnected, the connector cut off and the cable ends joined together using a crimped/soldered connector. The ODS sensor remains in the transmission housing.

Is this some sort of TSB from Ford? Do you have a number?

yes sure, its