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O rings on temp sensor/sender 03 sport trac

Joseph Tilghman

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February 21, 2011
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Huntersville, NC
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2003 sport trac 2w Drive
Has anyone tried replacing the O rings on the temp sensor/sender. I replaced my thermostat housing but not the sensor/sender and I have a slight seep around the O rings I think.

There is no coolant pooling on the top of the of the housing but there is a ring of coolant around the base of the section where the sensor/sender go into.

Bad design on Fords part, trying to save the $40 to replace the sensor/sender.

The replacement o-ring size is 9mm I.D. and 2.5 or 3mm thick. (Buy both sizes, they're cheap)
I used a small bead of RTV silicone around the old ones, installed the retaining clips, and let it cure.
Six months later, no detectable seeping or leaks. Beats buying those very overpriced sensors.

Thank you for the tip, Ford doesn't stock the O rings. I plan to work on this this weekend.