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o2 Sensor on my 96 X


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November 12, 2000
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Need some help / opinions.

Ok I spent $50.00 for a bank#2 o2 sensor that AutoZone claims is why my "CHECK ENGINE" light came on. So I installed it and had them reset my check engine light. I drive around say 20 minutes and it popped right back on. Anyways some1 told me to go to a auto repair shop to get it diagnosed, which I did and paid $70.00 to get it checked. The mechanic told me it was the bank#2 o2 sensor failed. I told the mechanic that just replaced it. He told me that it was best to get them all replaced (2 sensors). He also told me that the sensor is kicking in and it might not just be that o2 sensor and might have to replace them all. So anyways I asked him to reset the computer and he did. So off I go about 3 miles down the road and it pops up again "CHECK ENGINE" Light :( . Now I am getting :mad: !!!

So off the AutoZone b/c I know I got a 3 month warrenty on the 02 sensor and he checked my code on the engine light and YEPPERS 02 sensor failed on BANK#2. The AZ- Guy told me that its just a start and might and should replace all 3- o2 sensors. I dunno,, but 50.00 a pop an o2 sensor is mighty enpensive. But I am needing some help all.

I know I can repalce all 3 o2 sensors, but the one on the passagner side I can't see to find where the connector part is snapped on to, but I can take the sensor off the exhaust at least. Can I just cut the wire and tap the new 02 sensor to it and cap the wires back together?

The other o2 sensor is back by the catback.

Also I was told maybe to change my EGR valve.
I attempted to take it off, but the main line with that you would have to use a box end wrench.. it seems like it is hard to remove any one got any tips for me?

Thanks all.

Oh here are the specs on my "X".

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Oh almost forgot. The X drives fine and I am not getting bad gas mileage or lack of power or anything else and been driving like that for over 4 months. I just hate the dam big ORANGE light that comes on "CHECK ENGINE" :)

Do you remember what the code was? Don't go by Autozone's recommendation on what the code means, list the codes on the site or do a search on the codes..

Thanks I will do that.

Ok guys,

I had AutoZone yesterday pull the codes from my check engine light. There are 2 codes. Here they are:



Can anyone let me know what these are?

Thanks all,

in the haynes manual is says P0401 is "EGR insufficient flow detected" and P0141 is "Downstream heated O2 sensor heater circuit fault (bank1)

Originally posted by double_take
in the haynes manual is says P0401 is "EGR insufficient flow detected" and P0141 is "Downstream heated O2 sensor heater circuit fault (bank1)

Ok so it seems that I need to replace the 02 sensor in Bank1. now which o2 sensor is bank #1?

Is that the one on the passagner side?

The one I put on was the Drivers side (autozone told me) .

Thanks again,

I would think bank 1 would have cylinder 1 in it which is the passenger side. It said the downstream senor which it looks like is near the rear of the trans.

Ok, humm.

There are a total of 3 o2 sensors.

One on the driver side and one on the passagner side Hedders.

The last o2 sensor is back by the Cat.

So from what you are saying is it the one by the cat pass the tranny? Or the passagner one. I just need to make sure, so this way I get the right o2 sensor for the right area. :( Thanks again,

That's what i'm getting from the book. Wish I could be of more help but chicagos pretty far.


Thanks man , you been a great help. :)

I will just wait to confirm w/ some1 else to just make sure. Can anyone here post back and let me know which one it is?

Thanks all,

As far as I know, Bank 1 means the side with cylinder 1, so it is the passenger's side, hence Bank 2 is driver's side (boy, I'm really sharp today!!).
In each Bank you'll find one Upstream sensor (best spotted if you take out the wheel well lining, like changing spark plugs) and one Downstream sensor (easily accesible from under the vehicle). That makes four sensors without counting the after cat one.

I have been told these sensors are sacrificial in nature, so if you have more than 60k miles, most likely they are due to change. Now, I have never changed mine and don't have bad mileage nor any other symptoms.

I hope this helps but since Argentina is much much farther than Chicago, if I'm wrong I won't need to run!

Let me know how all comes out




Thanks all.

I called ford and they told me bank#1 is the passagner side o2 sensor located my the manfold.

And the one I replaced which Autozone told me was the dirver side. Well the 50.00 loss :( . But off to get another sensor.

P0401 is your DPFE sensor (aka egr position sensor).

Originally posted by ehnco
P0401 is your DPFE sensor (aka egr position sensor).

So I need to replace the EGR and bank 1 o2 sensor, then?

Replace the DPFE sensor otherwise known as EGR Position Sensor. I had the same problem on my '96 4.0. Two bolts and two rubber hoses. 2 minutes tops.

thanks all 4 the help and tips.