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O2 Sensor


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March 14, 2004
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Houston, TX
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97 XLT
I have my CE light on - autozone says that my 1 of my O2 Sensor's are out. I have 4 O2 Sensors 2 in front of the CAT and 2 behind it. My question is which side is Bank 1 and which side is Bank 2?

I have a 97 Ford Explorer XLT - V8

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Bank 1 is on the passenger side. I've had idiots at AutoZone swear that the driver's side is Bank 1 but don't believe it. The passenger side is Bank 1.

Bank 1 is on the passenger side.

Chances are good that the O2 sensor is not bad; check everything.

Good luck ....

Before you replace anything, please have the code read again, and post the exact code number --it will be diplayed as a PXXXX

You might have an exhaust leak, which will interfere with the 02 sensor reading.

this is common on your engine, passenger side exhaust manifold cracks first.
Do you have a slight ticking noise on acceleration?

I've got plenty of ticking, and also got, I think, P0402, bank 1, secondary, if I recall. Replaced O2 sensor, and problem was solved. Actually replaced both secondary sensors, as they are harder to get to, and I had to go through the floor, so it was easier to just take care of both while I was in there ... they are cheaper than the primaries.