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OBDII Code P0715 results


June 29, 2018
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ZOO Parkway
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Asheboro, NC
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2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer
After replacing the Coil, Wires, Plugs, EGR and TPS on my 2008 Exploder 4.0 liter, all trouble codes vanished upon restart. I test drove it to see if the 5R55S automatic transmission would throw a code or two. Nothing for the first two miles, but returning home the Wrench light showed up on the dashboard, and the transmission appeared to go into Limp-Home mode, banging into every gear and not wanting to accelerate. The scanner showed code P0715 Input Speed Sensor failure, so I purchased a new sensor. Had the Exploder put on a lift and the tech removed the original sensor. It was coated in metal shavings. Installed the new sensor, hooked up the shops transmission scanner and drove the Exploder while watching the speed sensors on the scanner live via the I pad-style computer. The scanner showed that the Vehicle Speed Sensor and the Output Shaft Sensor were fine. They held constant speed readings at all times. The Input Speed Sensor was fluctuating wildly from 50 to 3,000 rpm. The tech believes the Reluctor Wheel is spinning and not engaged in place. The trans won't shift out of 1st gear until I hit 30pmh or more, about when the RPM's show 3200rpm. 2nd to 3rd isn't much better, and the O/D doesn't work. Looks like I will be getting this transmission rebuilt. Tech will sleeve the servo bores, replace the Servos and Solenoid Pack/Solenoids, replace the Bands and anything else that looks out of spec, then install a new ATF Cooler to replace the original cooler that was bent during a fender bender years ago. Hopefully the Exploder will soldier on for a few years afterwards:rolleyes:

Eh I would’ve just done a full rebuild rather than replace what is out of spec. Seems silly because the savings can’t be that much

The shop is doing a full rebuild. The parts I listed were requested to be OEM or better quality.

The shop is doing a full rebuild. The parts I listed were requested to be OEM or better quality.
Ah ok good :) I was surprised you found a tranny guy doing it without a full kit LOL