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OBDII live mode question.


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May 12, 2010
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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97 4.0L sohc
I need help interpreting OBDII readings on a 97 Explorer 4.0L sohc. It is running better (actually is idling pretty good now) after I replaced the intake manifold gaskets but my code reader shows no O2 sensor voltage (0.000) for all for sensors in the live mode. What could cause this? I assume the reader and pcm should be showing voltages for the sensors. I did a bench test on three of the o2 sensors with a propane tourch and all are within range (0 to .9). I checked continuity of the wires from two of the sensor plugs back to the pcm and they were good. Does anyone know if this is normal or if I still have a problem? So far I have no DTC's but I cant really drive the car on the road to test as I have not registered it yet. The rest of the readings from the live mode scanner are below with the engine idling at normal operating temp:

Coolant temp: 190 F
STFT bank 1: -99.8
LTFT bank 1: -99.8
STFT bank 2: -99.8
LTFT bank 2: -99.8
RPM: 648
speed: 0
Ignition advance: 14 deg
Intake air temp: 113 deg F
MAF rate: 0.4 lb/m
bank 1 sensor 1: reading 0.000 v
bank 1 sensor 1: STFT -99.8
bank 1 sensor 2: reading 0.000 v
bank 1 sensor 2: STFT -99.8
bank 2 sensor 1: reading 0.000 v
bank 2 sensor 1: STFT -99.8
bank 2 sensor 2: reading 0.000 v
bank 2 sensor 2: STFT -99.8