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Octane Shorting Bar...Is this it??


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January 31, 2003
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Bristol, Tn
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91 Navajo LX 4X4
Just got codes pulled, and got an error 57, octane shorint bar not in place. Is this it?? If so, it looks in place to me.

EDIT: Image removed, correct socket found, but shorting bar missing. Please read below.

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Nobody knows??

It is not in that picture. It looks like a small fuse/diode and has a single wire in and out of it.
I am not sure where it is located on your truck, but we can find out!!

Cool thanks for the reply!! Hopefully someone will know exactly where it is.

OK nevermind, i found it. The bar/plug is missing. I was wondering if i could just use a paperclip to jump it, or if the actual "sorting bar" is a resistor, or diode.

I believe it is a fusable link so you will want to replace it

Gravy. This outta be fun finding this part.

Found this..
"I have seen yellow, black and blue sockets... the "plug" or octane shorting
bar, has always been grey... plugs into the socket and is just a plug with a
jumper between the 2 pins.
never paid attention to the wire colors coming off the EEC to the plug

So i guess its just a jumper. But I think im going to try to find a genuine one before i ghetto rig it.