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octane shorting block

Glen Rector

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March 8, 1999
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Phoenix, Ariz.
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1993 XLT
Hi to all, I would like to have some information on the octane shorting block, I know where it is at in my 93 XLT, but I do not understand what it is used for. Thanks

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Hmmm, I am not sure exactly. But I do know if you remove it will cure any pinging problems you have, BUT your performance and gas mileage will suffer.

do a search of this site

Its been covered before you should find all the info you need. Basically you should leave it alone- its not really used for anything. Some who experience bad pinging and cant find a problem, or wont use higher grade fuel use it to "correct" the pinging.
It takes 3degrees +_ out of base timing.

Good luck

Thanks for the replys, yes I should have done a search because now I have and the information came right up.

well i'm glad you didnt do a search the first time. because i never heard of it before. now i learned something new. if you didnt post the question, i still wouldn't know what it was. thanks