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od issue


February 17, 2007
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explorer 91 & 94
i have an od issue i shifts into 2nd and drive but not od it was put on a computer it came up tcc lockup could that be internal or could it be a electronic if so where should i check 1st without taking the pan off.

It is almost certainly electronic. You've already pulled codes (I'm going to assume the TCC code was a KOEO code and not a CM code, these usually are KOEO codes). EEC-IV isn't very sensitive to faults in these circuits, and '91-'94 A4LD's don't have any sensors in them to allow the computer to confirm that TCC lockup occured when commanded. My experience with these codes is that they are caused by two conditions: either a full open in the circuit or a short to ground. Either way, the circuit is a fairly simple DC circuit, this should be easy to find with a wiring diagram and a volt/ohmmeter.