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OD light blinking


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July 23, 2007
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98 XLT 2WD
first off, I have read a few threads so far and understand that the blinking od light is just a warning and could be numerous things??

i pulled the transmition to change a seal and when i put it back in the OD light started flashing. At times it doesn't flash. the transmission runs fine excepted when it shifts down frome second to first. any help would be greatly appreciated.
1998 Explorer XLT 2WD, automatic

Welcome to this forum! A flashing overdrive light means that there is a code stored which needs to be retrieved. Some of these codes are manufacturer specific so not every scan tool could read them.

do i have to go to the dealer or can i go somewere like autozone and let them put their meter on it??

Try Autozone first. You might have to go to a dealer if they can't retrienve them. It might be cheaper in a long run to buy a handheld scanner with the price the dealer charges (and the time you have to tie up your vehicle there).