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OD light is out


March 19, 2008
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2002 Explorer XLT
I have had an issue with the flashing OD light for a while. Shifts through all the gears fine and you can kick it in and out of OD all you want with the switch. But I always get the flashing OD light????

Well my daughter messed up the front of it, smashed up the bumper cover, grill, ripped the licence plate off..... All cosmetic plastic parts.

This happened on Wed. night, since then I have had no OD light, push the button and the light comes on so the bulb didn't mysteriously blow out.

Could this be because the plate is no longer there and now its getting more cold air to the cooler? I don't think I had a "trans" problem, I think it was the temp. sending a code to flash the OD light.