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OD OFF light blinking

The solenoids are mounted on the valve body. I fail to understand how oxygen sensor malfunction could cause a trouble code-producing "O/D OFF" light turn on. imp
Sorry for the confusion Imp... Oxgen sensors is why the check engine light is on, which I am going to conquer next.
Blinky O/Doff light has to do with either the TCC solenoid or Torque Converter itself being bad... I was told.
As well, since the solenoids are indeed on the VB then getting the newly rebuilt one should have good solenoids on it... or so I assume...:D

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o/d blinking and check engine lite

I have a weird situation..been driving over 3 years with check engine lite on..no biggy.Then the o/d lite started blinking and the check engine lite disappeared,mysteriously. When o/d lite disappeared,check engine lite comes on again..This been happening last couple months

First, there are a BUNCH of solenoids involved. The 4R55E transmission has 6; my 2004 5R55S has 8 of them. So, the answer involves knowing WHICH transmission is in use here. Not sure for your year, which one is used; you need to determine that.

The solenoids are mounted to the Control Valve Body, within the transmission, accessible by removing the oil pan. The earlier units, like 4R44E, 4R55E, have individually-mounted solenoids, replaceable invidually. The later 5-speed transmissions, 5R55W or S have a solenoid module as they call it, which has ALL the solenoids mounted permanently on the module. So, if one of those FAILS, they ALL wind up being replaced, not a bad thing, really, as the module is only several times the cost of the individual solenoids.

Please be aware, these solenoids are CONSTANTLY being worked while the vehicle is in use; they control Torque Converter Clutch (engage/disengage), shifts 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, .... hydraulic pressure control also. So, replacing ALL of them at once is not such a bad idea........

I replaced the solenoids and the overdrive does'nt kick in, I push the od light and it will hold RPM put back in overdrive and the RPMS fail to 1000. Dont know what to do now. I have drivin it all over trying to get a code to register but nothing at this time.

I replaced the solenoids and the overdrive does'nt kick in, I push the od light and it will hold RPM put back in overdrive and the RPMS fail to 1000. Dont know what to do now. I have drivin it all over trying to get a code to register but nothing at this time.

Could be the overdrive servo has worn, if this dosnt get fixed it will cause over drive not to engage and fry the bands internaly. I have a 5r55w that I have just had to have rebuilt.

Thanks to this site and youtube I have been able to fix all the probs with my 10 year old Sport Trac from the O/D off blinking, replacing the cruse control buttons and switch, and the blower motor relay with relative ease.

The O/D off dash light is so easy to fix.... thanks to your posting, I just cleaned the "Ground wire" (which is visable when you raise the hood) and bingo, no more blinking light, and the transmission shifts smoothly.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Would you be able to post up a picture of the ground wire and where it's located? Sounds like an easy fix and would like to check it out.

Hey having some of the same issues, just replaced the transmission, had to replace my shift fork in the transfer case as well...car is not shifting into overdrive the light keeps flashing, it has way to high of rmps and is switching through first three gears and way to fast and hard, not able to drive it at this point...obd II scanner is not pulling any codes that would be of help....need help on this one!!!

o/d Light Flashing 2000 Ford Explorer xls

Please take your vehicles to the shop immediately if your o/d light is flashing. The light was flashing on my father's vehicle that I was driving but stopped for two days and the truck seemed to be shifting fine. We had an appointment to get this fixed in two weeks. Last night while driving my two children and myself home from the store, the truck caught on fire and burned to the ground within 5-10 minutes. Thankfully I was able to get my babies and myself out safely which is the most important thing. I just wanted to pass this along because if anyone has the same thing happen and takes more than 1-2 minutes to get out of the car, you may possibly lose your life. That is what I believe Ford should put in the manual about the light flashing. It should not say take to the mechanic for service so no further issues happen to the car. It should state take it to the mechanic or you may die. I am sorry to be so morbid but the car exploded four different times, the first explosion being about 2 minutes after exiting the vehicle. This is so scary and I do not want this to happen to anyone else. Be safe everyone!!

The OD light on ly daughters 1999 3.0 auto ranger started blinking after I replaced the neutral safety switch on the side of the transmission. No other repairs were made. Not sure why the OD light would start blinking after replacing that switch but the switch in it was so frozen up that shifting was almost impossible.

The OD Off light on my 02 Explorer with 202K miles on it started flashing a few weeks ago. The only noticeable change that happened at that time was that it shifted between 3rd and 4th with a thump you could hear and feel. The shop replaced the solenoid assembly and it runs good now. I bought this car new and this is the only repair I've had done to this trans so far. I had the fluid changed at 168K. haven't had any of the other issues I've heard about with this trans (5R55S) probably due to mostly highway driving and a light foot. According to the forums, I'm over due for servo bore problems, hopefully i can get some miles out of the latest repair before anything hits.