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OD Off light flashes after 50 MPH

I bought the Equus 3030 for $79. I read up on the scanner online and it appears maybe I should have bought a better reader? Apparently this one doesn't read the enhanced OEM and transmission codes, which I think would be needed for the problem I have?

I think maybe I should step up to the 3130? Are there any units you recommend?
www.obd-2.com PWM+ISO option. (around $150) You need a laptop but it reads ABS codes and ford extended data.

Thanks guys. There were no engine codes. Since that time, it has happened on other time a few weeks ago.

But other than those two rare times, the OD flashing issue has not happened and knock on wood this is just a freak occurrence that I don't need to worry about.

I had the same problem and i was on here trying to get and answer on it and i noticed the o/d light stopped flashing but i still don't noticed a difference in power and it still doesn'tlike to shift in to 2nd just take her muddin and try Lucas