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OD "On" versus OD "Off" for 5R55S


April 8, 2010
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Netcong, NJ
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2005 XLT, 1993 Limited
Since 2nd and OD both use the same Servo and Band, could I extend the life of these two parts by turning off my OD when doing city driving? Thereby eliminating the double-duty this band and servo experiences?

BTW, I've got a nicely rebuilt tranny with the updated servos sleeves.


I'm not an expert but I don't think that turning OD off while driving in heavy traffic could help.

2nd gear would be involved in any case, while OD would not enter until conditions (speed, rpm and so on) will ask for OD.
And in case you need it, you should activate manually, and sometimes it's easy to forget.

I always use O/D OFF for slower driving, like 25 to 45 MPH. Then the transmission doesn't hunt back & forth between 4th & 5th.

drdoom's reply is the only real consideration, without a heavy load like towing there is no reason to disable the o/d unless it bothers you when it shifts up and down when you are at about 45. It would bother me more to loose the gas mileage with gas prices this high.