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OD Servo/ A4LD auto trans Question


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December 14, 2008
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fraser, MI
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91 ranger 2.3,2wd auto
I'm going to replace the Governor on my 91 ranger a4ld automatic, Sometimes it doesn't want to shift from 2nd to drive, no engagement, I have to shut it down and restart then it usually will be ok, last time I cleaned the governor and replaced the intermediate servo and it was ok for about 3 months. My question is, since I already replaced the inderm servo, should I replace the OD servo? since I'm having a 2-3 shift problem,( i need to make it through this winter,no garage), and if so , should I back off the od band before I install the new servo?

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re-od servo

Thanks for the reply, I was wondering, what does the OD servo do, and after installing do I make any band adjustments.

re-OD Servo

Sorry I see you did say adjust bands later, thanks.
Would the OD servo cause a problem shifting from 2nd to drive on a cold trans.

re-delay (cold transmission)

No delay, The problem is ,(on a cold trans) when starting out in drive, it seems like it won't shift out of 1st, However when I manually shift from 1st to 2nd it shifts fine, but when I go to drive this way it won't enguage, I'll have to shut it off and re-start the truck, put it in drive,(or overdrive) and it will be ok. This does not happen every day, but is now more often. I did buy the OD servo, (note I already replaced the indermediate servo 3 months ago), and I was able to get the governor with a steel weight, however that is what is on it now, which makes me think it was rebuilt before. when I had worked on it this summer I cleaned the governor, and replaced the indermediate servo, the servo looked good, the rubber was a little brittle but not broken. I had also replaced the vac modulator and the fluid /filter 2 times. it worked good for 2-3 months.

Question, aftermarket screen for governor

When I purchased the Governor, he came back with a aftermarket screen, that he said I should put on . Its very fine and shaped to fit where you bolt it up. I did not have one of these when I removed it the last time, what do you think, do you think it might hinder the fluid flow, and have you heard of this screen?

re-governor screen

I don't have a camera, however I can discribe it.
It is metal, gold color, very thin, and stamped out, to fit the back of the
of the governor where you bolt it up. I got the governor at a trans parts store, the only shop in the area that sells tranny parts, they had some rebuilds around. After he gave me the governor, he went back and gave
me the screen, he said you'll probibly want to use this, I really could'nt get any more info from him. the screen is in a small zip bag with a part #45051
and that is all , nothing that says ford on it. I like the idea ,to stop matter from hanging up the stalk, but I am concerned about fluid flow. I am going to do this job tomarrow, what do you think?