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Odd brake noise.


February 1, 2017
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2013 explorer xlt
I have a 2013 explorer with 80k mi. I have only owned it about 2 months. I work on older cars and my ears are always tuned to unusual noises. I recently noticed a strange brake noise after driving in the city for a few hours. At first the noise was when I released the brake and now it seems to be both applying and releasing. The best way to explain the noise is to say it sounds like the brake fluid is squishing past the plunger in the master cylinder. I know it can't be because I still have full braking power. Any Ideas? Is there anything I should be looking for? Am I just being over cautious?

Welcome to this forum! Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir to see if it's full.

It is full, I will double check, and I think the pads are wearing evenly.