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Odometer and trip meter stopped working


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October 28, 2009
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Watertown, NY
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1997, 99 and 2000 5.0's
I noticed today my trip meter was stuck and not moving. I then noticed the odometer was not moving either. The speedometer does work. Is the odometer run by a cable?

It started working again today.

Our weather had been in the forties and then a cold front came in and we dropped to twenty below zero for a couple nights. It warmed to thirty today and it started working again. All I can think is somehow condensation or moisture of somekind froze around the gear or something. That or just a coincidence.

My odometer did the same thing. It worked then it would go out in bad weather, until it finally went out. The cause is the worm gear. Lots of threads just search this forum under "worm gear".