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odometer stoped working


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August 17, 2009
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Kingsport Tn
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96 XLT Control Trac 4WD
well i noticed that my odometer / trip meter has stoped working. i noticed this after i replaced my driverside front wheel bearing and hub. also sometimes it will work but for just a bit like it will just start working and work for about 5 or 10 miles and then stop again. where does the cable go to? is it the transmission? HELP... not like its super important but it is kinda a handy thing to have

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There is no cable for the speedometer. It's all electronically controlled. Try disconnecting the battery cable first and see if that resets everything. This happened to me once when I changed the ball joints on my truck which set off the ABS light. After disconnecting the battery for about 30 minutes and reconnecting, all was fine again. It could also be a bad/faulty connection in the new hub, partially burnt fuse, or the Vehicle Speed Sensor on it's way out.

the vehicle speed sensor is on the tail end of your transfercase

good info, but its not the speedo. its the odometer you know, the thing that keeps track of the miles. but i will still try reseting the computer by removing the battery

then you have a broken gear inside the gauge cluster