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odyssey batteries by die hard?

maybe a few of you guys may have heard this lurking other forums but after google searching, i'm 95% positive that this is true. forgive me if this post looks repetitive, i'm kinda copy pasting this on other forums to let people know. I have been searching long and hard looking for a cheap optima since the battery in my sport was tested and found to be bad. a number of things lead up to causing it to die, terminal corrosion, extra wiring for lights & cb drawing power, and a ghetto rigged starter kill. check my question thread:http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2228994#post2228994. I figure i'd post this in the offroad section since a lot of people use dual battery setups for winching & lights & other stuff.


compared to

$190 vs. $250....


a press release I found from EnerSys states that they are making sears' platinum die hard series batteries and EnerSys also makes odyssey's batteries. cool beans. $60 bucks cheaper, a good odyssey battery (basically) and a local place that deals them so if something does go wrong you'll get same day exchange. I've finally had it with optima, I have had 2 red tops, one yellow and 2 blue tops and they have all failed except my starting red top in my pickup. I have been searching and found odyssey to be a far superior battery and that optima was bought by exide a few years ago which probably explains why their no longer any good. odyssey's only downfall was limited distribution, but now thats moot. who doesn't live near a sears?