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oem cd changer install ?


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February 6, 2001
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i have a 98 X with the factory head unit that has the cd and tape in it. i want to get an oem cd changer. if i get one, where would i get the wiring harness for it, besides ford? also, would i need anything else? would i be able to hook it up to my stock head unit? and when my stock head unit display goes bad (im just waiting for this to happen, considering it happens to everyone), will i still be able to hook up the changer to an aftermarket head unit?

or should i save myself the trouble and just go get an aftermarket changer that comes with everything?


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i would say go aftermarket. unless someone "gives" you the changer. if it's free why not.

figure out what headunit you want to get, so you can pick out a cd changer that will go with it.

i havent even started looking at head units yet (i got too much other stuff to do - i still have rims and tires and wheels spacers sitting in my garage that i havent installed yet), but i am partial to clarion, and i definately want a double din. ill probably just wait till it dies and go out and get one.

im sure my radio will still be covered under my extended warranty, but id rather just spend the money and go get a good head unit rather than ford give me another crap one thatll die in another....well, who knows how long itll last :)

Check this out:

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I recently ripped out my OEM changer. It is made by Clarion, but does not use the standard BUS system as per Clarion specs. It uses a Ford wiring harness instead. It's going to be tough trying to wire the OEM changer into an aftermarket HU.
Check to see if the harness is already there. My 95 EB didn't have the built-in cell phone, but had the jack and wiring all laid out. It might just be a simple case of getting an OEM changer and plugging it in. Oh........make sure your stock HU can control changers.