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OEM Headlight housings or aftermarket?


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May 19, 2006
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Oceanside, CA
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1998 Eddie Bauer 5.0
My headlights are pretty weathered, and since I just got some new bulbs installed I am going to replace the housings.

Now, I found a complete set of everything I need: RF/LF Headlights, and RF/LF housings, all for like $80 or something. Would you guys consider this a good deal? These are new OEM headlights too

Or should I go aftermarket? Are there lights out there that you would recommend over OEM?


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I was always happy with those "Diamond Cut" or "Euro-Style" headlights and corners you see all over eBay. Looks much more modern than OEM and quality is decent. They don't yellow either. This was them on my old Sport:


I moved them over to my current ride when I traded in the Sport.

They work "OK" with HIDs if you ever go that route. Light pattern was a bit blotchy and hard to focus so I went with the projector setup I have now:


This latest setup is the best lighting option I've ever used for the three 2nd gens I've owned.

what is the brand of headlights do u have, do they yellow