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OEM Rear Bumper Height


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December 31, 2008
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2000 XLT 4x4
Anyone know what a Stock Factory OEM Bumper Height is suppose to be according to Ford?

(I am wondering how much my rear leafs have sagged)

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Anyone have any idea? Or has anyone replaced their rear leafs that can measure theirs for me? Thanks

Can anyone measure their rear Bumper height for me so I can tell how much mine has sagged?-Thanks

Rear bumper height

Did you ever find out what the rear bumper height should be for your 2000 ford explorer? I need the same info, I think my rear springs are sagging, I would appreciate any info

Mine is as near stock height as any, with a 1/2"
rake. (Front is 1/2" lower measured at the step

It is 19 inches from the rear wheel center to the
bottom of the wheel flare arch.

It is 20 inches from the floor to the bottom of the
rear bumper. This measurment will vary according
to tire diameter. My tires are about 28.5 inches or