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OEM sub amp pin wireing


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July 19, 2008
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2000 Explorer XLT
I just purchased a factory sub and amp.i think it's from a 98 and has the 8 " woofer. I plan to replace the amp and woofer but in the mean time does anyone have the pin diagram on the OEM amp?

I already have power, RCA's and remote wires from the aftermarket head unit ran to the rear panel. Just need to know what pins on the amp connecter do what.


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Pins for the 98 amp or for the 95?

It has the 8" (not6)woofer so it must be post 98.


  • sound-systems-premium-sound-radio-circuit-w-mach-sound-system-1-of-1.pdf
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Thanks, but the audio input isn't listed.

Maybe it's me but it looks like the right diagram for pin outs and wiring.

My mistake looks like pin 7&8 I didn't follow them back far enough. Assumed from the proximity to Power they would be remote turn on function.

"High audio mute" must function as remote on also.

That high audio mute lead (pin 1) is the real remote turn on lead. It's really 5 volts DC.

Thanks, didn't know it was 5v. I'll run a regulator.

Anyone know what size (detentions) amp I should be looking for that could mount on the or near the OEM bbox and still get the panel back on?