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For Sale OEM Wheels & Tires - 2017 Explorer PIU - $600

For SALE: Excellent set of tires & wheels from a '17 PI Utility. Wheels are OEM 18x8 steel, gloss black finish. Tires are Firestone Firehawk PVS 245-55VR18.
Tread wear is exceptionally consistent across all four tires. Average tread depth is .214", about 62% of the original .340" value. These are one of the highest rated all weather/winter pursuit tires available.
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Priced at $600. includes the full set of lug nuts and if you want, the four OEM full size plastic silver colored wheels covers. (This is why the paint finish looks new on the wheels, since they were always protected from damage.) ~These are 69 lbs each, so conventional shipping would be costly~

Located in the Boise metro area near BOI Intl. Airport. **For those in southern Idaho or willing to travel**