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Off road jacks


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October 23, 2001
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Hi lift jacks are a love/hate relationship with me. Sure , they can be the Swiss army knife of off roading but they can also bite you if you aren't paying attention.

I've been using a modified H1 Hummer scissor jack for a few years now and prefer it over the hi lift. It's easier to stow away, a little lighter but still has some weight to it. I haven't weighed it so I can't give an accurate comparison.

The mods I did to it were cut off the loops where the jack handle hooks into and welded a hi-nut from an old set of u bolts.
Now I can use an impact on it to speed things up. I also cut off the nub on top of the jack and welded a 1.25" threaded nub from an old rod end. I then welded a matching jamb nut to some 1 3/4" tube and notched it to match size of the axle tube. That give me a couple inches of adjustability should I ever need it.



I personally hate scissor jacks. I have seen too many twist out and fold side ways. That being said, you obviously used jack for a heavier truck, so that should help a little. I like the adapter you made, but I'd be more nervous with it under there. Maybe make a plate to go on the bottom and crate a wider foot to add a little stability?? Looks good so far either way.

I like the scissor jack idea. I have a Hi-Lift, but it makes me nervous whenever I have to use it. It nearly always tries to tip over. Its not like when I need it I will be on flat surfaces or pavement.

The original bottle jack that came with the Explorer doesn't lift high enough with 35" tires to even contact the axle. I purchased a Harbor Freight bottle jack when it was on sale $19.99. It has a built-in extension. I made a few adaptors for it, and a sturdier handle, and it works great. Have used it a few times already. It also stows where the original bottle jack used to fit.

I made this adapter that goes on my hilift. It locks onto the cross bars on my sliders so the jack can't slide left to right. It can be put on the jack a few different ways depending on the requirements.

20151002_123825 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

20151002_124055 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

I also made this bottle jack adapter that fits the 6 ton Jack I carry. the vshape sits on the axle tube nicely. It also gives a 2" height extension to the jack as well.

20150907_162833 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

Not really the trail but I made a pad lift for my floor jack. I made a 4" and a 8" version, They can be bolted together to give 12 inches of lift.

20150907_155401 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

20150907_155606 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr