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Off Road Stories / Pics


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July 29, 2014
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2014 Explorer Limited 4wd
I'd like to hear about any off roading you all have done with your Explorer and how it held up. Also any pics are well welcomed. Here's mine out on the beach at the Outer Banks. Lowering the PSI with sand mode turned on let it handle amazingly on the sand. It was a PITA getting it aired back up afterwards though lol. I thought I got stuck at one point but after getting pushed out of the spot by some buddies I noticed the parking brake was on lol.


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I take mine off road all the time, as it is a vehicle I use for work. I traverse gravel well access roads, and pipeline rights-of-way. One thing you need is an aggressive set of tires. The A/S tires that come on it are useless. When I put the Cooper tires, with a very aggressive tread design, that made all the difference.

The big problem is lack of ground clearance. Where I could take my 2010 Explorer without worrying about dragging bottom or becoming high-centered, can be a problem with this unit, and you have to choose your path carefully. Otherwise, I have not had a problem.

Great photo jarretp. You should submit that to Ford. It looks like the Martians built a pier.

I know there is an existing thread on this but haven't found it yet.


Where would I submit it?

I can't remember exactly but I do remember there was a "me and my Explorer" type photo contest at one time.

Yes, the 1st pic is great!!! If you do send it to Ford, make sure you leave out the part about leaving your parking brake on. LOL