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Off Road Tires !!!!

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. My stock tire size that i have on it are 255/70/R16! i am wondering what is the biggest size offroad tire i could put on my explorer. i did the math and the size tires i got got roughly come out to 31 inch diameter if im not mistaken. i was wondering if i could put 32's on it with out putting any body lift or raising the suspension any
please help

31 about the biggest it will prolbey rub with them on it till you lift it a lil bit

you can fit 32's fi you want, they're gonna rub a bit. 31's are the common max with no lift. but if you want, just get 32's and crank up the torsion bars and get longer shackles to clear them better :thumbsup:

From either a store or website that sells tires. Try searching for answers it's amazing how well the search feature works.