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off roading power

hey guys how goes it ? I am starting my winter project planning and thought i would come in her for advice. i've been reading a ton but not sure if this combo will help me out.
i have the great 2000 xls 4x4 with the 4.0 ohv and the a4ld. These are the parts i want to add in :

Nissian Xtra supercharger
4.6 mustang throttle body
comp cams 410 cam
24# lb injectors
tuner/flasher from bama

i know the tranny is a weak link so no need to keep i an swapin to a c4.

what else should i add in... i.e yes i know fmu for the s/c but did know about the chip from bama.

thanks for any help

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oh and i decided to remove my drivers side handle and mount the gauge pods there. two many irons in the fire.. this weekend i am going to ure, so sat is shot. i forgot. friday and sunday. hopefully i can get something mocked up to get it welded next week.

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Well if you were a little closer I would let you use mine ;)

i wish.

craploa. one of my plates is too small. had someone cut them out for me and he cut onetoo small. hopefully since its aluminum it can be welded easy and hold. its just a little thin on the outside wall of my adapter. i'll get a couple pics of the start of it. need to get time on the lathe to turn some stock for my intake adapter.

Well I thought since this is kind of a seat of the pants install, maybe we need to identify/clerify everything needed or not. Below is a list of what I was under the impression is needed with the exception of the adapter and SC. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I plan to mock up most of the kit using wood. I figure I will be able to get eveything lined up using plywood or MDF then transfer the final product to metal.

1-FMU 8:1? I was under the impression it is not needed with an inline FP?
1-Inline fuel pump rated to approx 100 PSI
1-A/F gauge with sensor
1-Vacum/boost gauge
1-Fuel preasure gauge
1-Serpentine belt approx 18" longer I have a picture of the routing I will post later.

So other than misc hose, hardware, etc, that should about cover it. I am going off a set of instructions I ran across. Maybe someone can clear up the FMU problem.

OK just a little FYI that might help some day. I traced out the parts a long time ago for all the adapter pieces, I just didn't have the placement for the mounting holes for the SC adapter. I think I have that figured out. I was also looking at some instructions I found in reguards to this install and noticed that a spacer is needed between the SC mounting plate and the fuel rail which is flipped around so the supply hookup for the fuel rail is located where the return is and a AN fitting is welded in to accepted a hose that will run to the FPR. Well here is my thought for the spacer. It needs to be 1/2" thick. A while ago I had the Idea to make a spacer using an old fuel rail something similar to a throttle body spacer. I ran it on my truck for almost 2 years. That will be the spacer for the SC adapter now :D Thats one less piece you will need to fab. Just go to the junkyard and get a fuel rail then cut and grind all the tabs and mounts off and your good. You'll just need two sets of gaskets for the spacer and the fuel rail. Any progress on your end?

i started on the adapter (making two of them) for the s/c good idea on the fuel rail. i'll look in to it. right now i am at airborne school learning to jump out of airplanes will pick it back up after i get back.

ok long time no update.

i used a plasma torch and cutout 2 1/2 plates that match the bottom of the supercharger. I've been hand filing then till i get more funds (lots of money going out to just pay off things rather than make payment = more moeny later).

then weekend i am/should be picking up a grinder and a fuel rail from a junk yard unless someone has a junk one that is intact so i can make a pattern of it.

Hopefully i will have the supercharger plate done this weekend and hopefully tuesday i will get the fuelrail adapter cut out (which i will make two of) after which i will be gone for a couple of weeks in school, but i have a chance if all goes right all school to use a mill and make the spacer the combines both plates and will be about 2" tall. on my spacer i am going to have spots for all the orginal stuff that bolted to the old plastic intake.

I know this is going super slow but i only have 200 bucks into so far and hope to keep it under 500

oh and i am also making the templates for the throttle body and superchager air inlets

by the way its all made out of aluminum

FYI for info on building 4.0 fords check out pro 4.0 forums
a lot of good info for all.


zhanx - Sent you a PM

josh i got your package

diffinetly gonna need to mock this up from wood. I am gonna cut out the templates today and hopefully mock this up this weekend. After i get the wood mock up done, we'll go from there.

ok played with this stuff some more today, gonna run to home depot in the morning and grab a peice of 1/2 particle board and cut out what i have... I decided I need at least 2" of intake to make this fit. Maybe 2.5" So i added another plate this one not on this sheets you sent josh. It will give me room to mount the stock stuff i need to retain. PLus it will allow me to smooth out the air flow into apdater better. After get this allow mcked up i just need to drop it off at a machine shop and get it made.

attached is a pic of the plate.. not to size or anything.


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Vaccuum Lines

proposed intake setup . dont make fun of my mad paint skills


  • intake plan.JPG
    intake plan.JPG
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One thing I forgot to tell you and its kind of important. The instructions say that you need to turn the fuel rail 180 so the FPR is in the rear drivers side and the return is where the FPR was. I think if you do that you will get the room you need with out adding a thicker plate. Did I mention I had a write up? I think that slipped my mind although it is just something to follow along as a reference. Do you have a fax?

no i dont sorry i 'm in the army we dont have those yet

some pics of today's work.. still need another weekend before this is finsihed being mocked up.


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I realy want to do this to but the fact that I will need to run 93 all the time is holding me back. When I have another daily driver, then the SC will go on.