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Official 2011 Uwharrie Planning Thread

Between the outpost and Albemarle we got a text that my wife's sister was in the emergency room... Her appendix burst and had to have emergency surgery. We came home, packed the car, and took off for Myrtle Beach. She's doing ok now, but will be in the hospital for a few days at least.

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It sounds to me everyone had something happen on the way home....were leaving greensboro around one tomm

Oh man, sorry to hear that. Obviously family is more important. Hope your Dad is OK.

Thanks man. He is a lot better. He will get out of the hospital on the 7th. He some issues passing out for no apparent reason so they need to keep a closer eye on him.

when you guys get pics uploaded, can you send some links on here so we can see them :)

Sorry we missed yall, babysitter was late. Here are a few pics we got. Can't wait to see the ones you got.










Broke a cv on Dickey Bell. I hope the lockers ok, was making some funny noises.


Got a couple spots like this from spinning so much after the cv broke. :headache:

One of the few videos we got. I left my camera at the house but this new phone does pretty good.

ahhh. took the ***** line on the double ledge. lol

So we have probably been wheeling 5-6 times at the same place and same day now and still havent ever met each other. lol

I didnt get but maybe 3-4 pics on my phone. Was too bust wheeling. Think we rode everything there 3-4 times and crawled every line possible. Every line on kodak. The hard lines at the top of daniel. The night wheeling we did was sweet. Had about 10 people watching us at kodak rock saturday night about 12. lol

Lame I know. lol

Never done any night riding up there. I bet that is awesome!

Everybody else forget their cameras?

I've got a few decent shots, and some video, so I'll try to get them posted later this week.

... else you woulda been there, right? ;) I ride with Burns, and my arm still itches.

Here are a couple pics I got.





And a couple Ill steal off Johns facetube since he hasnt posted them yet.








and my first attempt at on the hard line at kodak rock didnt turn out to well. Got on top of it and it started running out of gas. Acted like it had a carb on it. lol Was only getting air to the fuel rail so I dont know what the deal was. It was fine all day the next day though.




Pic thief. haha.

Seriously even though I was just there for friday it was a lot of fun. I didn't think my truck would be able to touch Daniel at all and it made it to the top! not via the hard lines but still. I was surprised. I'm looking forward to going again if anyone wants to do a fall run. Or go to Mountain City? I know Trevor is down to go wheeling again too.

I should have some videos up Sunday. Sister-in-law is doing better and should get released from the hospital tonight. Going to the ECORS race tomorrow, so hoping to get them uploaded Sunday.

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