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Official 4.0 SOHC Nitrous Thread!


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June 11, 2003
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00 XLT
All you guys out there with SOHCs on nitrous I'm going to need some help. I just purchased a Nitrous Express MainLine "WET" kit for my 00 SOHC. It comes with jets for 50 or 75 HP. This is my first experience with the bottle so I'm going to need some wisdom.

I would like to use this thread for everyone to discuss bottle mounting locations, line routing, jetting and anything else that has to do with nitrous on the SOHC engines only, so we call all easily access the information since this stuff is getting more popular by the day. I plan to post some pictures as well as drag strip results after installation in this thread so stick around.

Now for the first question, since my kit isn't going to arrive until Monday I am doing some preliminary stuff. I am going to change my spark plugs. What do you guys recommend I go with? I've heard standard Champion Copper plugs? Anyone know what number I will need and what gap? My engine is 100% stock and I will be running a 75 shot with 92-Octane.

Thanks in advance, hopefully this thread can be a great resource!

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October 27, 2002
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Brownstown Twp, MI
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'01 Sport 4x4
You get that kit installed yet? I'm considering nitrous and am wondering how well it went for you on the SOHC.


January 6, 2008
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Little Neck, New York
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You get that kit installed yet? I'm considering nitrous and am wondering how well it went for you on the SOHC.
me 2.... whats the deal? how much before she explodes? i bet that 75 shot ripped her a new @**H0le

yea i kno im replying 2 an old @ss post :thumbdwn:


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February 18, 2009
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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00 Limited V8
This guys last activity was in 2005.
Consider this thread long since dead.

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