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Photos *Official* Return from CCR08 - Ouray Colorado Pics and Trip Reports


Here you go IZ

At the bottom of this trail it is about a mile to the next trail. I think as long as you didn't spend the day hanging in Teluride you would be fine. I think that sign is mainly for dirt bikes and ATVs. Apparently they make to much noise for the locals.

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haha nice pics of harley... and those are some cool pics tbars.. nice perspective! that is sure a nice looking sport and mounty at the start of black bear.. hehee

...I'm glad to say I got pics of everyone's vehicle beginning, on, or ending Black Bear Pass...I did not however get any pics of the people around the campfire, no blackmail pics...:p:

...Half of the pics are gorgeous scenery while the rest are blurry from bouncing while shooting the pics..I did post pics of my Ranger on this run however...;)

I drained my TC and Transmission-fluid is still red as blood-but it got fresh stuff-
The KN air filter looked like a mud ball when I cleaned it. New oil and filter--

everything seems tight--:D

...Now your ready for Truckhaven...:D


Only 2 more days until they announce I won my Jeep , ok Sheri's Jeep in the 2008 Ouray jeep raffle


I know you will sell it and buy another Mountaineer.

just read this thread (yea im slow) what a great writeup!

Here's a picture of interest-to me anyway

On our first trip to Ouray-after negotiating Imogene pass-we arrived back at the KOA campground where I found this laying on the ground ( on left)

It is an almost perfectly round rock.It is like a marble almost. ABout 1 1/8" diameter.
I carried it around as a good luck charm, and a few years later we went to the "Ripleys believe it or not" museum in Jackson Wyoming. Inside a sealed display were a few of these round rocks, just like the one in my pocket-exactly the same thing. Although they had a larger display of them, in varying sizes-
The display was described as fossilized fur balls from a prehistoric fur bearing predator-
It went on to say that the native Americans thought they had a mystical power, one of good luck.
See, I was right-:cool:

On this trip -again I looked down in the campsite-low and behold I found a nickle which had been placed on a railroad track and smashed-
I think I actually found it while troubleshooting my fuel pump issue-Tbars4 was right there when I picked it up-:confused:

Another good luck piece from the same place!!

I sure would like to have these mounted somehow in a pendant to hang from my rear view mirror. Maybe the ball can be tied with wire somehow?


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...Just a heads up to all that went on this trip or want to read info on the area...4wheelparts magazine, "Offroad Adventures" has a write up on this area in the Nov. '08 edition starting on page 14...It's the cover story...

...It's a husband and a wife doing this trek in the wifes new Kia...This will make a good quick read when you have the time...:D

...They usually post this months mag at the end of the month online and it should be found here..

i read that article, was pretty cool

...:wtf:...I see your cv death toll has risen..:D

...I just got this months "Off Road Adventures" from 4wheelparts in the mail...They had a big FJ gathering in Ouray and did Black Bear rd....They had some cool pics and one that made me remember this trip...:D

...They showed a tire pic that looked similar to this one and explained that the FJ was up against the wall and how narrow the road is, along with it's many 3 point turn switchbacks...

...I just thought I would share...

here is a pic i think kinda shows how sketchy this could be.. mwahahaha... josh is on the edge here


That's freakin' funny... I was just reading the same thing and thinking of you guys!!! Especially the on-the-edge part, since it sure looks like our Spolder owners got closer to the cliff than those Fj guys did ;)

haha yeah i got too and when i saw that pic i thought, hell i took an even better one than that! what a fun trip. hope to go next year, but i'll probably be riding my dirtbike.. then i can be the official picture taker lol

damn narrow FJ's anyway!!!!

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