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offset/backspace wheel questions


Would a 15x10 wheel with -39mm offest / 4" backspace be too hard on the bearings and front suspension?

I know most say go with like a 15x8 -19mm offest / 3.75 backspace for use with a 33x12.50 tire.

How much heavier is a steel wheel compared to a alluminum one?

There is a shop that can make custom unpainted US wheels with backspacing in 1/4 increments.... for $63ea. Would a 15x10 with 4.5" to 5" backspacing fit a lifted EX ok or no?


Well go with what everyone says. I run 35x12.5s and still rub radius arms with a 15x8 and 3.75 bs but it works out real well other than that. From the looks of things a 10" wide rim will get more in the way than help, and in reality the theory behind running an 8" rim is to help keep the tire on the bead better than a 10. If you have the choice on how to build it then go like the crowd says. My pics show an 8 with 3.75. Sure they stick out nicely but often I wish they were out a little more but realize that function over looks are what a buildup is really about.
Perry wheels a lot with a 15x10 so he might be a good contact.
Otherwise If I have no idea how a 15x8 vs a 15x10 with the exact same backspacing would be on a vehicle but one can imagine that the 10 would stick out 2" further because backspace is measured from rear lip into lug hole ring.
So i hope I helped but may have confused ya more??

yea thinking about it many times and looking at pics on other rigs... 15x8 3.75 or 3.25 BS.

wheel is even cheaper $36

I guess ill sell the 16" AR ones for scrap later. they got so scratched up and one has a slight wobble and wont balance.