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OffTrac's 2001 Sport Trac

Figured I'd get a thread started on where I've been and where I'm going with this truck. I bought it last year with 55,000 miles on it, immaculate.

Here's how I got it from the dealership:

4.10 Gears
Pioneer Audiophile System
Fog lights
Running boards (removed)
Bed Extender
Power Moonroof
5 spoke cast aluminum wheels
Curt Class III Hitch





The first modification I made was to add Warrior shackles.



Second thing I did was remove the running boards. No pictures.

Then, I found a body lift from a girl on Craigslist. I went to meet her and she had a huge 2wd ST lifted and on 35s. She thought the body lift was going to make it sit too high. I took that problem off her hands for $80. A few months after it sitting in the garage, I got up the nerve to tackle it one weekend.



Obviously, these tires just weren't going to cut it anymore. Not only were the stock tires just terrible tires, they were too small.


So, after driving around embarrassed for a week, I got new tires. Cavalier Sport King 265/75R16.






I was unhappy with the rollerskate look from the rear because of how far inset the rear wheels were in the wheel well. Also, I was still getting some rubbing on the sway bar, even after getting the 265s to avoid rubbing issues. Solution: 1.5" wheel spacers.



Then, I added a Westin Sportsman brushguard. Got it on eBay, brand new as a shelf model for a shop. It was missing the mounting brackets which didn't matter because I was going to have to fabricate my own for the body lift. $140.

I also took that moment to paint all the cladding as well, since I was going to be cutting into the plastic on the front to get the brush guard and tow hooks on (which I had to lose because of the body lift). I also took the time to twist the torsion bars 1.75" to level the front out.








I was happy with that for a while but had some PIAA 520 driving lights sitting in the attic just waiting for a home. So, a couple weeks ago put me here.


Work in progress. Always doing something as money allows. I also have a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 that competes with time and money. Oh, and a new wife. I have big plans for this truck when it's no longer the DD. Stay tuned.

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you always had one of my favorite tracs on the forum, i was going to do a thread just like this once my lift and 33"s got thrown on. well, i just finished and im going to upload the pics tonight.

Thanks Lono. Can't wait to see your latest.

Thought I'd also add a few of my favorite photos of the ST.








And, if you think I'm not making fast enough progress, this is the Sport Trac's competition for funds.



looking good

You didn't include in the registry where you painted your bumpers and cladding! Very important!!! ahaha, I'm going to be doing that very soon though.

What do you mean by "where"? If you mean the actual location and conditions in which I painted, then the answer is outside. Mid 70s. Light, sporadic wind. Low, for Georgia, humidity. Full sunshine.

I'd have preferred in a garage but that wasn't available at the time. It was filled with "storage." Now it's filled with my '69 Cougar.

Just masked it off real well and went to it. I spent more time masking and sanding than I did actually painting.

well no, i actually meant like i didnt see where you posted it in your registry that you had done it.. haha but now i look up and see it this time. my bad :D

My local tire guy had them in stock. I told him I was thinking of getting the BFG all terrains and he recommended I try the Cavalier Sport Kings. They're a Michelin brand (as is BFG). There were a good bit cheaper and he said that if I didn't like them, he'd replace them with the BFGs and apply my purchase toward the BFGs. I figured I couldn't lose with that opportunity. A year and a half later, I still have them and like them a lot. They've taken me everywhere I've asked them to and have been wearing great.

Day I brought her home:

About a year later:

Nearly two years in the family:

Can't wait to see her this time next year! :D

can't believe how good the sport tracs look with a 3" bodylift. the frame barely shows! Great lookin truck by the way and the 35s and 4.10s are making me jealous lol. Hows that dynomax turbo muffler sound? any interior drone?

Thanks. The muffler is fairly quiet. No interior drone at all. With the back window open, though, the tires have that unmistakeable MT sound. Pretty much kills any exhaust sound I did have. Still a pretty quiet ride inside, though.

Removed the Warrior shackles and sold them. Replaced with Pro Comp 13120 add-a-leaf. Same lift, more strength, no flat leaf packs.



She likes to pose, too.




Just a couple shots from playing around the property today. Wanted to get some similar comparison shots of the truck on 32s and now on 35s. These shots were taken in the same place with as close to position as my memory would allow.







Added a roof rack today. More goodies to come soon.


Looks good man.

Hopefully I can build my steel rear bumper before winter and I think I'll redesign the swingout tire carrier if you're interested in getting this one I made last winter. Just need to swap out bodylift bumper brackets since the carrier is built into them and the reinforcement since mine is notched for the carrier brackets. Might have to hold off until spring, lots of other projects around the house to get done before winter.

Figured I'd update the registry with some pictures from the first real trail tests I have documentation of. Ran Gulches in SC in August and Durhamtown in GA in September.






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Nice progress, the truck looks nice.