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OffTrac's New Purchases

Forgot to update that I do have this installed as well.


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I've been wanting a CB just so I can have a PA to yell at people, for now I have to stick with my 135db air horns.
Video some reactions for us lol. Might convince me to get a set

Video some reactions for us lol. Might convince me to get a set

I only zap people who deserve it but trust me it scares the hell out of people when they don't expect it, it's one of the best mods I have done on my truck, plus I have a quick disconnect on the tank so I can fill my tires when needed.

Nice, just be careful with that style boot, they tend to tear and dry rot when they get dry, the acordian style boots last alot longer. What brand is that?

Raybestos Advanced Technology

How do you figure rubber boots would be better than the polyurethane boots? I've always assumed polyurethane was a more durable material than rubber, which is essentially biodegradable.

I have the same parts. My boots are dry rotted already but not completely split yet. I put the same parts on Carol's Mounty and they came with accordion style boots that flex a lot better and don't get kinked like these ones. The parts on here truck are the exact same as ours only here's came with accordion style boots for some reason. I'm not sure of their poly or rubber on mine but hopefully they hold up til I can get all the parts for my SAS.

Sorry, I didn't mean Pro Grade. These are their Advanced Technology series, the next step up. I'll correct the previous incorrect post.

Oh, ok. I thought it looked alittle different. I didn't see these when i rebuilt my frontend or I would've bought them. Are they new (design)?

Not sure how long they've been around because the design seems to have been under other names but I don't think they're really new.. McQuay Norris and NAPA brands seem to have also carried this part in their name (still may?). I'll update with part numbers when everything is together.

Well, took a little longer to get all this done than planned but life gets really busy around this season. Thanks to gmanpaint for his great thread about HD IFS upgrades.

I'll go ahead and knock out the parts list first; all from RockAuto except the tires:

Raybestos Advanced Technology Rotors 680027 $49.79 x2 = $99.58
Raybestos Advanced Technology Ceramic Brake Pads ATD833C $52.89
Raybestos Advanced Technology LH Upper Control Arm 5021021 $70.79
Raybestos Advanced Technology RH Adjustable Upper Control Arm 5001090 $40.79
Treadwright 35x12.5R17 Guard Dog M/T with Kedge Grip (Toyo Open Country Load Range E casings) x5 to the door = $991.65

And some pictures:

The bad UBJs; well not really. They were still tight but the boots were shot.

The Upgrade:

Didn't take a picture of the LH UCA, sorry. You can see the difference in ball joints, though.

My rotors were still good and could have just been turned, but I went with all new Advanced Technology stuff and wanted to stick with it on the rotors for the full effect. Apparently missed taking a picture of the rotors, too. They're nice and shiny if you care. With a fluid flush and these new rotors and pads, I have no concerns about my ability to stop. I never had any issues before changing them but I was not confident and never had to try them. The pictures:

And finally, the Treadwrights. I won't make a premature review but I'll point out a few things I noticed immediately. Load Range E is stiff as expected but not as heavy as I expected. These are louder than the KM2s. I thought the tighter pattern would be more quiet but, oh, not so. Final observation, I've got some more trimming to do.:sawzall::D











Nice man. itll feel like a different truck with those new parts. I just replaced the rotors/ pads front and rear, the front calipers, right hub bearing assembly (the ABS sensor was busted apart by a rock getting wedged in there) and the sway bar endlinks (I'll be doing these after work).

Oh yeah, about the endlinks.


The Moogs couldn't take a little beating. I've got the graphite impregnated Energy Suspensions bushings. Going to try those out with the Moog hardware.

The problem with the Moogs is the washers are too cupped and have a sharp edge which cut into the bushings and destroy them. I just went to Advanced Auto to get new Moogs (I have different bushings and washers already) and checked out the cheapy's from them and the sleeve, bolt are the same, the bushings are exactly the same but the washers aren't sharp and their wider to support the bushings when they get crushed down. They told me I could bring in the old endlinks and warranty them even though I had to cut them off with a cutting wheel and grinder.

I may still order those MT's if I can't find a place that will work with me on Duratracs... I've been reading a lot of good things about them. All the Jeep guys seem to love them.

Been wanting to renew my Front end parts too! You'll have to keep this thread updated with how those Ball Joints hold up!

Will do. I now have a completely refreshed front suspension other than the LCAs but does include LBJ as well as a new steering rack and tie rod ends.

I'll also keep updates on the tires.

Forgot to post the first thing I did in this wave of updates. VHT Niteshades on taillights and third brake light. Three light coats on the tails, two on the third brake light. Not sure why the third brake light looks so dark in the picture.


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Looks good Hugh. I'm not exactly a fun of darkening any lights (mainly for safety reasons) but it looks like you put just enough on there for looks but didn't overdue it. I like it.

What's up with the rachet straps holding the spare on the rack? I thought you got a spare tire old down from a junkyard car truck like I did when I had mine mounted up there.